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High Temperature Ceramic Sheathed

MITSCO manufacture a wide range of High Temperature Ceramic Sheathed thermocouple assemblies with different noble element combinations R, S and B in Simplex and Duplex. This range of thermocouple has been developed to withstand applications where the continuous operating temperatures can be as high as 1750ºC.

Listed below are some of the High Temperature thermocouple assemblies available from MITSCO.

This type of thermocouples can be built to order with alternative Sheath and Conductor types, please contact our Sales Office for details 01527 882553.

Conductor Type

Type R

Type S

Type B

0 to 1550ºC

0 to 1600ºC

0 to 1750ºC

13% Rhodium-Platinum / Platinum

10% Rhodium-Platinum / Platinum

30% Rhodium-Platinum / 6% Rhodium-Platinum

Sheath Type

310 Stainless Steel



Is used as support tube and allows connection to the terminal head as well as providing a robust extension for the mounting of a Flange, Welded Screw Fitting or an Ajustable Compression Fitting.

Used in applications where the temperature is no greater than 1450ºC. Can be used as an Outer and Inner Sheath combination will not stand physical shock.

This can be used as nonporous Ceramic Sheath, used where total protection to the inner thermocouple is required. Higher operating temperature (1750ºC ) than the Aluminous Sheath and greater resistance to thermal and physical shock.

Hot Junction Type


Most commonly constructed Junction Type, offers protection to Thermocouple element, but slows response time.

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