Digital Thermometers by Mitsco

Digital Thermometers
(Thermocouple and Infrared)

MITSCO offer a comprehensive range of Digital Thermometers to suit all Laboratory and Industrial applications. These Thermometers can be supplied as a package with Thermocouples suitable for Surface, Immersion and Air temperature measurement.

TX-60 Digital Thermometer

Eight Thermocouple Types Available
K, J, E, T, N, R, S & B
Simple, Accurate
Max / Min
0.1 / 1ºC Auto Ranging
Protective Case and Battery Included


800 Thermometer

1 x Type K Input
-100 to 1372ºC (EquºF)
Auto range 0.1 and 1.0º
Large LCD Display
Min/Max/Hold Functions
Back-light Display
Robust Protective Holster and Stand



TK-62 Digital Hand Held Thermometer

TK-62 Thermometer

-200ºC to 1372ºC (Type K Thermocouple) or
-20ºC to 1772ºC  (Type R Thermocouple)
Above Thermocouple Inputs are Selectable

Large LCD Display
0.1ºC up to 199.9ºC 1ºC above 200ºC (Autochange)       
ºC or ºF and Hold / Max and Min Display
Low Battery Display
Auto / Manual Switch Off
9V Battery and Leather Case Included
Mains Adaptor (Optional Extra)


806 Multi-logger Thermometer

2 x K/J/T/E/N/R&S Input
ºC / ºF
Auto range 0.1 and 1.0º
T/C Offset Adjust
3 x LCD Displays
Hold Functions
Back-light Display
Hi/Lo Setting with Bepper
Real Time Clock
Robust Protective Holster and Stand


ST1305 Thermometer
Wall MountingST1305 Thermometer

ST1305 Thermometer
Wall Mounting OR
Directly Mounted

1 x Thermocouple Input
Type K -200 to 1370ºC
Type J -200 to 1200ºC
Type R -10 to 1760ºC
Type S -10 to 1760ºC
Type T -210 to 400ºC
Type E -200 to 1000ºC
Type L -200 to 600ºC
Type N -200 to 1300ºC
Type B -0 to 1800ºC
(Or EquºF )
0.1 and 1ºC Resolution
Large LCD Display
1 x Lithium
AA Battery Included
Battery Life 2 Years
Can be Wall Mounted
Or used with Thermocouple
Directly Mounted

TES1319A Digital Hand Held Thermometer

8870 Infrared Thermometer

-20 to 260ºC
Distance Ratio 6:1
Resolution 1ºC
Emissivity 0.95 (Fixed)
Accuracy +/- 3% or 3º
Power On Trigger
Units ºC / ºF
Laser Pointer


TES1319A Digital Hand Held Thermometer

8871 Infrared Thermometer

-40 to 500ºC
Distance Ratio 10:1
Resolution 1 & 0.1º
Emissivity 0.85, 0.90 and
0.95 (Selectable)
Accuracy +/-2% or 2º
Power On Trigger
Units ºC / ºF
Laser Pointer



Digital Thermometers

The first Digital Thermometer in the line up is the TX-60 Thermometer, this is a highly accurate low cost Indicator which is unique, in that it is available in K, J, E, T, N, R, S and B
Thermocouple Inputs. (Input needs to be specified when ordering).

TC-62 is a slim pocket sized Thermometer with selectable thermocouple inputs type K and R. Similar to the TX-60 it’s simple to use and is very accurate.

The 800 and 806 come available in a rubberised case, making them ideally suited to demanding environments. The 800 is a single type K Thermocouple input Thermometer, where the 806 can take two Thermocouples, as well as being able to select from seven different types of thermocouples within the same unit, making it a highly adaptable Thermometer.  

Non-contact Thermometers

MITSCO supply two Infrared Thermometers for those applications where non-contact temperature measurement is necessary. The 8070 is suitable for temperature range of -20 to 260ºC (Equ’t ºF) and the 8871 model, offering a wider temperature range of -40 to 500ºC (Equ’t ºF) with the additional provision of selectable emissivity. Both units have LCD back light display and Laser Pointer.

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