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3300 Simple Program Kiln Controller

ST 3300/1 Kiln Controller

ST 3300/1

Simple Single Program Controller with Delay,
2 Ramps and 2 Dwells.

Cost effective Controller for the Hobby user.  

3300 Program Controller Brochure

ST 3300/2 Kiln Controller

ST 3300/2

10 Program Controller with Delay,
4 Ramps and 4 Dwells.

Ideally suited for firing ceramics in a Studio / Commercial environment.

3300 Program Controller Brochure

ST 3300/3 Kiln Controller

ST 3300/3

10 Program Controller with Delay,
16 Ramps and 16 Dwells
for more complex applications.

Designed for use in firing fusing and slumping glass.

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ST 3300/4 Kiln Controller

ST 3300/4

Similar to the 3300/3, but with the added refinement
of an event function, allowing manual or programmed
control of a damper or similar external device.

3300 Program Controller Brochure

ST 3300/5 Kiln Controller

ST 3300/5

In addition to offering an event function, the
3300/5 Controller is used on larger Ovens and Kilns
where the load is split into individual Zones for improved temperature uniformity. Additionally, an over temperature Policeman Controller is fitted as standard to offer
additional protection for your Kiln /Oven.

3300 Program Controller Brochure

3300 Kiln Controllers for Ceramics and Glass

Simple to use the 3300 range of controllers has been developed to provide accurate programming of complex firing processes in a simple user-friendly design.
Powerful Programming accuracy and flexibility are key functions of the 3300. Satisfying most processes that require a series of regulated controlled temperature ramps and timed controller sequences.
Flexibility is the key to the design and use of the 3300 program controller. The operator just selects or by-passes the ramp / dwell and then selects the next segment in the sequence to daisy chain the required number of ramps and dwells until the desired control profile is created.

There are five models to choose from:-
3300/1 1 Program of Delay Start - 2 Ramps – 2 Dwells     xX
Ideal for Ceramics Hobby Use
3300/2 10 Program of Delay Start - 4 Ramps – 4 Dwells    x Ceramics Schools / Professional
3300/3 10 Program of Delay Start - 16 Ramps -16 Dwells  . Glass Studio Applications
3300/4 as 3300/3 Plus Event Control                               xxx x Commercial Applications
3300/5 as 3300/4 Plus Zone Control                                 x xX Large Kiln/ Oven Applications

Easy to Install wall mounting case and optional Cables and Plugs for direct connection to your Kiln or Oven, make for very simple connection.
Full Product Support is only a call away, just ring our Help Desk, if you require any advice on installation or operation 01527 882553

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