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Mineral Insulated Thermocouples

MITSCO Manufacture a wide range of Mineral InsulatedThermocouple Assemblies in different element combinations K, J, N, T, R, Simplex, Duplex and Triplex.

Different sheath and termination options are available, to assist you in selecting the best option to suit your application, see information below.

Listed below are some of the more popular Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Assemblies.

Thermocouples can be built to order with Alternative Sheath, Conductor and Junction types, please contact our Sales Department for details 01527 882553

Conductor Type

Type K

Type N

Type J

0 to 1050ºC

0 to 1250ºC

0 to 700 ºC

Nickel Chromium / Nickel Aluminium

Nickel Chromium / Silicon / Nickel-Silicon-Magnesium

Iron / Constantan

Sheath Type

321 Stainless Steel

310 Stainless Steel

Inconel 600


General purpose heat resistant material suitable for use up to 900ºC

Heat resistant steel suitable in sulphur bearing atmospheres suitable up to 1150ºC

Excellent high temperature strength not suitable in sulphur atmospheres good corrosion resistance maximum operating temperatures 1200ºC

Suitable for use up to 1250ºC high physical strength suitable in oxidising and carburising and reducing atmospheres

Hot Junction Type




Most commonly constructed Junction Type, offers protection to Thermocouple element, but slows response time

Offered earthed construction with outer sheath for quicker response time while still protecting the thermocouple element

Very fast response to temperature change, but offers no protection for the thermocouple element

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