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Thermocouples for Molten Metals
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  Straight Molten Metal
/Salt Bath
  Right Angle Molten Metal/Salt Bath

Thermocouples for Molten Metals

At MITSCO we have developed a range of thermocouples built using heavy duty materials specifically for use in non ferrous molten metals and Salt Baths. These assemblies have been designed to operate in the most demanding environments.

Different sheath and termination options are available, please see attached chart*
to assist you in selecting the best option to suit your application.

Thermocouples using K, J and N elements are available, with extra protection being provided using outer sheaths to create a robust and cost effective construction.

Listed below are some of the more popular Straight and Right Angle Thermocouple Assemblies.     

Thermocouples can be built to order with alternative Sheath, Conductor and Junction types, please contact our Sales Office for details 01527 882553.

Conductor Type

Type K

Type N

Type J

0 to 1050ºC

0 to 1250ºC

0 to 700ºC

Nickel Chromium / Nickel Aluminium

Nickel Chromium / Silicon / Nickel - Silicon-Magnesium

Iron / Constantan

Immersion Sheath Type

Chrome/Iron (Cr/Fe)             

Silicon Carbide                      

Syalon 101

Strong with good thermal conductivity, and resistance to corrosion, suitable for Immersion in molten Lead, Tin and Zinc, also used in Salt Baths.

Good thermal shock, only available in 50mm Diameter to improve strength, which slows down thermal response. Good cost to performance ratio.

High resistance to abrasion, and good thermal shock, ideal for molten aluminium due to non wetting properties resists dross build up, also can be used in Salt Baths, offers exceptional life, but expensive.

Hot Junction Type


Most commonly constructed Junction Type, offers protection to thermocouple element, but slows response time.

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